Via Francigena: a historic route through Camaiore

Today the Via Francigena is a genuine journey through natural beauty, art, history and enjoyment, as well as a spiritual journey for many people.

One of the most stunning stretches of the Tuscan Via Francigena is the one that crosses Versilia, through Massa, Camaiore and Lucca. It’s a route that comes down through the hills to reach the sea at Camaiore, at the beautiful abbey in the old town centre.

The section through Camaiore can also be split into smaller sections which not only cover the official route but also take in a series of detours packed with historical, artistic and natural interest.

You can find more detailed information on the Comune di Camaiore website ( link http://www.comune.camaiore.lu.it/it/sezioni-turismo-e-cultura/1727-il-tracciato-francigeno-sul-territorio-di-camaiore )

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