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Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps are distinguished from the nearby Appennines due to the harsh morphology with their valleys, deeply engraved and the imposing slops very skewed. The Apuan Alps are known for the beauty of its marble and the deep abysses and the great cavities of the karst underground.
The geographical position of the massif, its exposure and the different nature of the rocks determine the presence of environments as varied and contrasting, which favor the rich flora and fauna of the area.

The points of interest of the Apuan Alps are numerous, accessible through a series of wonderful trails made by mountain communities, some walkable, mountain biking and other underpinned by several huts to rest along the way.

From the map below you can see all the points of interest of the Apuan Alps and their paths as well as shelters in the area.

Trail map of the Apuan Alps

The map is kindly provided by author, Marco Barbieri under his courtesy.