• Pietrasanta


    Camping Versilia Mare is just 6 km far from Pietrasanta. Pietrasanta is an Italian town of 24.931 inhabitans in the province of Lucca in Tuscany.
    The capital of the historical Versilia is a cutting centers of marbles and bronze of international importance, crossroads of sculptors from all over the world.
    Thanks to an old town full of monuments and well cared for, the country has taken the time with the face of a real city, with numerous galleries and big seasonal exhibits in Piazza Del Duomo and into the S. Agostino Church. …

  • Forte dei Marmi

    Forte dei Marmi

    Camping Versilia Mare is 8 km far from Forte dei Marmi. Forte dei Marmi is an Italian town of 7.749 inhabitants in the province of Lucca. Marine resort places overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea,it takes its name from the fort that lies at the heart of the city, built by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo in defense of the landing and the marbles from the Apuan Alps not far away, were transported to the wharf and then take the sea route. Forte dei Marmi has given birth to Princess Paola Ruffo of Calabria, born on the 11th September 1937 who became …

  • Versilia


    Camping Versilia Mare is located in Lido di Camaiore, in the heart of Versilia. Versilia is a land that lies to the north of Tuscany, at the border with Liguria, bounded to the south of the lake of Massaciuccoli and to the east by the Apuan Alps, to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and it has very ancient origins: traces have been found of the presence of human dating back to 40 million years ago in Camaiore, one of the seven municipalities in which they divided the territory of Versilia.

    From the seventh century , Versilia becomes an integral …

  • Camaiore


    It is a town of over 30.000 inhabitants, which stretches from the peaks of the Apuan Alps to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its territory is divided into 4 main areas: the hills, the capital with its valley, and the plain of Capezzano Pianore and the coast of Lido di Camaiore. The city is surrounded by wide valleys, hills and mountains where they are scattered beautiful and ancient villages where you can enjoy a show of incredible natural beauty: in fact, as well as a look at the whole coast from Livorno to La Spezia if the visibility is good, you can …

  • Viareggio


    Camping Versilia Mare is far from Viareggio 5km. Viareggio is the hometown of Lorenzo Viani, Giacomo Puccini and Mario Tobino, among pine forests, hills and the lake of Massaciuccoli, the Apuan Alps, the harbor, the shipyards and a 3 km walk of promenade that glides between shopping centers, theaters, cinemas and where in winter during the Carnival season takes place the famous masked course and it offers a really unique view.

    A long time ago, the area on which now stands the city was submerged by the sea and the land was made up of large and extensive marshes. In …

  • Florence


    Camping Versilia Mare is 166 km far from Florence. Florence is an Italian town of 366.039 inhabitants, capital of the province of Tuscany. It is the eight Italian city in population and the first of the Tuscan region. The city of Florence is the heart of the conurbation Florence-Prato-Pistoia which has over 1.500,000 inhabitants.
    In the Middle Age it was an important, cultural, commercial, economic and financial center, in the modern age it served as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the rule of the Medici and Lorraine families. It was the capital of Italy from 1865 …

  • Lucca


    The camping Versilia Mare is just 30 km far from Lucca. Founded as a Ligurian settlement according to some historians, while others believe that it is of Etruscan origin and developed as a Roman city from 180 BC in the sixth century Lucca became the capital of the Lombard Duchy of Tucsia and then developed in the twelfth century as a town and then the Republic. It was a Latin colony in 180 BC, Lucca has still intact many of the characteristics of ancient times. The amphitheater that still retains its characteristic shape of elliptical square closed, the hole is …

  • Pisa


    Camping Versilia Mare is 25 km far from Pisa. Pisa is an Italian town of 85.968 inhabitants, capital of the eponymous province in Tuscany. Sixth most populated municipality of Tuscany , the city is part of a densely populated and urbanized area known as the Pisan that with the neighboring Municipalities of Calci, Cascina, San Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano and Vicopisano get to count about 20.000 inhabitants. It is also a vertex of the so-called industrial triangle formed by the towns of Livorno, Pisa and Collevalsetti whose population amounts to over 260.000 inhabitants. According to a legend, Pisa was founded by …